Tour Reports

A condition of Tour funding is for Clubs, Societies & Projects to submit a?Tour report?following the completion of the tour.

Below is some guidance on what the reports should contain:

Tour?Reports should contain the following:

  • 1)??????Background/purpose of the?tour
    • a)??????Aims & Objectives
    • b)??????History/Legacy
  • 2)??????Overview of the?tour
    • a)??????Itinerary
    • b)??????What did you achieve?
    • c)???????What went well
    • d)??????What didn’t go so well
    • e)???????How you overcame issues & lessons for next time etc.
  • 3)??????Budget
    • a)??????Expenditure to prepare for the?tour
    • b)??????Expenditure during the?tour
    • c)???????Self-funded expenditure
    • d)??????Use of IC Trust expenditure
  • 4)??????Closing remarks and plans for future?tours
    • a)???????Was the?tour?a success?
    • b)??????Will you be planning to go on this?tour?again?
    • c)???????Do you hope to expand/improve your?tours this year?
  • 5)??????Photos!

Reports are also available for download:

Student-led Projects

Reports from some of our?project ventures are also available for downloading here: