Activities Development Fund

The Activities Development Fund (ADF) is a pot of money set aside at the start of the year for Clubs, Societies & Projects to apply to throughout the year to support any new or developing activities they may be trying to achieve and that could not have budgeted for during Annual Budgeting

The Fund is to support Clubs, Societies & Projects with?the following:

  • Starting new activities:?for example, a new project or event which could not have been budgeted for during Annual Budgeting
  • Unbudgeted success: for example, a club with more members than expected/budgeted for, meaning more minibuses are needed to transport members to weekly fixtures.
  • Contingency: to cover excess costs which were not budgeted for and outside of the clubs control

Application process

Activities?Development Fund: Application Form

Applicants are advised to read the criteria (below) before completing their application. Once the application deadline closes, all applications are sent to the ADF committee; a group of five elected student volunteers from a variety of Management Groups and Constituent Unions, chaired by the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies).

Applicants?will be notified via email with the outcome of their application, usually no more than 3 weeks after?the submission deadline.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the Committee may?communicate?with CSPs as their applications are being considered.?

The application deadline for each round of Committee considerations will be found below.?

Activities Development Fund: Criteria

Dates & Deadlines

Below you can view the funding deadline dates?for ADF for the current?academic year:

2021 - 2022

Application Deadline
Outcome Date
One Tuesday 2 November, 23:59 Friday 12 November
Two Tuesday 7 December, 23:59 Friday 17 December
Three Tuesday 18 January, 23:59 Friday 28 January?
Four Tuesday 15 February, 23:59 Friday 25 February?
Five Tuesday 15 March, 23:59? Friday 25 March
Six Tuesday 17 May, 23:59 Friday 27 May?

For queries about eligibility and the criteria, please contact the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies).If you have any queries regarding the administration of the fund please email the Student Opportunities and Development Team.?